Frequently Asked Questions

A few helpful answers to some popular questions

The rollers don’t stay in my hair. What’s the trick?

Like any new styling tool, it might take a couple of tries to get the results right for you, but I do have a couple of tricks that I’m sure will help.

1. Add a little shake just before releasing the roller.
This will help set the roller and prevent it from falling out of place. In order for the roller to stay secure, it must rest against the scalp. To set the roller, give it a little horizontal shake back and forth against your scalp. Make sure you feel the bristles on your scalp before releasing the roller.
2. Roll hair downward or into your scalp – not up.
Either pull the sections of hair up and roll the hair downward towards the scalp or pull sections of hair out and roll inward towards the scalp. Pulling the hair down and rolling upwards to the scalp increases the likelihood of catching the hair below, which can cause tangles.
3. Use clips to steady some rollers.
If you are rolling a section of hair on the crown of your head – spanning your part (instead of each side of your part) – you may need a roller clip or clamp to hold that particular roller in place. The roller usually stays as long as you are looking forward, but I do find that if I look down the roller will fall out.
4. Try smaller sections.
You might be trying to roll too much hair.

Won’t the rollers get stuck in my hair?

When used properly, the rollers will not get stuck. The short, soft bristles are designed to minimize tangling. Here are a few more tips to prevent tangling:

1. UNROLL the roller in an UP and OUT direction instead of pulling in down.
2. Make sure your hair is dry and the rollers have cooled.

Do you think five is enough for my hair? Seems like I would need more.

Five is great for setting the crown of your head – which is where you’ll most likely want to create volume. But, if you want to set your whole head, you have a couple of options:

1. Set one section of hair and then move the rollers. The barrels cool fast. By the time you’ve set the fifth roller, the first one will most likely be cool and you can move it to the next section of hair OR:
2. We sell Click n Curl Add-On Sets of additional brush heads for our small, medium and large products.

It’s too hard to dry and brush/roll my hair at the same time. Now what?

I get it; it does take practice. Don’t give up! In the meantime, dry your hair like you usually do until it’s about 90-95% dry. Then put the dryer down and place the rollers in your hair where you want them. Next, finish drying your hair. Be sure to heat each roller with a long shot of hot air from the dryer. Let the rollers cool completely before removing them in a slow, up-and-outward motion. You’ll get the same results.

How long does it take for the rollers to cool? How long should I leave the rollers in my hair?

The ceramic coated aluminum barrels heat fast and cool fast. Really, it just takes a minute. By the time you have the fifth roller set, the first one will most likely be cool. However, the longer you leave the rollers in place, the better results. I usually dry my hair and let the rollers stay in place while I put on makeup or eat breakfast.

The 5 cm barrel is too large (or small) for me. Do you have other sizes?

Yes! We now have three brush head sizes to choose from:

1. Small Click n Curl, an approximate brush head diameter of 3.2 cm. We recommend that your hair is at least 10 cm in length.
2. Medium Click n Curl, an approximate brush head diameter of 4.3 cm. We recommend that your hair is at least 14 cm in length.
3. Large Click n Curl, an approximate brush head diameter of 5.4 cm. We recommend that your hair is at least 17.8 cm in length.

Will the handle work with the new brush heads too?

Yes, the handle will be interchangeable with all the sizes.

Using Click n Curl

Wash and towel-dry hair. Apply styling spray and root booster of your choice.
Step 1

Attach a brush head to the easy release brush handle. Stand the remaining rollers on end in a convenient to reach location.
Step 2

Blow dry hair until about 90% dry. With a brush head attached to the handle, use Click n Curl as you would a round brush to direct, brush and style your hair while using the blow dryer.
Step 3

Wrap a section of hair around the brush barrel starting from the end and wrapping down toward the roots. Use the blow dryer as a heat source to heat the ceramic brush head. Wrap tight to the scalp and set the roller securely in place by giving it a little shake back and forth against the scalp. Press the release button on the brush handle and leave the roller in place.
Step 4

Repeat with next section of hair, leaving each roller in place. Dry hair completely.
Step 5

Allow the hair to set and cool. Remove the barrel rollers by unrolling each one up and out slowly.
Complete styling as desired.


Ceramic/aluminium barrels may be hot during use with a blow dryer. Avoid resting a heated brush barrel against the skin. Allow to cool before handling.

When using Click n Curl, do not place the hair dryer directly on the brush barrel, brush bristles or the hair. This could result in damage to the brush and/or the hair. The heat source should be a minimum of 5 cm away from the brush barrel and remain in constant motion to avoid excessive, constant, direct and prolonged heat on the hair.

Click n Curl is not suitable for extremely long hair. Please do not attempt to use this product if your hair is longer than 15 inches.